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E3 Group responds to changes in the events industry with new corporate structure and investments

  • Customer-focused realignment of the service portfolio with the segments “E3 Solutions”, “E3 Live Experience”, “E3 Live Performance” and “E3 Live Events”
  • New structure geared towards expertise, synergies, and efficiency
  • Digital range significantly expanded through investments
  • E3 Group is financially sound thanks to new, forward-thinking concepts
  • Construction of a vaccination centre in Stuttgart, Germany, and the US pavilion for Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE
  • Expected market consolidation opens up new opportunities for E3 Group

Frankfurt am Main, December 17, 2020 – The E3 Group, a globally active group of companies specializing in exhibitions, events and environments with 10 locations and more than 900 employees worldwide, has adapted its corporate structure to meet future needs. In doing so, the company is continuing to consistently integrate its various operational units and is responding to dynamic changes in the market brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the E3 Group is gearing its core competence of planning and implementing innovative communication concepts more towards the current needs of its customers and in a much more flexible way. The implementation of the new structure started back in November 2020.

Joern Trierweiler, CEO of the E3 Group, said: “Although the ongoing global pandemic means the very fragmented multi-billion market for exhibitions, events and environments is in hibernation, so to speak, it will once again become a growing part of many companies’ marketing strategies once the world emerges from this difficult period. Reliability and long-term planning are important criteria when selecting service providers and partners to stage brands, particularly in times of upheaval and dynamic change. The E3 Group can truly excel here, thanks to its financial strength, its new structure, and its innovative concepts.”

E3 Group responds to the crisis with a significantly expanded digital range and innovative concepts 

Even before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, alternative live marketing formats were already becoming significantly more important, alongside the standard trade fair business. These include comprehensive digital solutions for online sales, social media and targeted, autonomously controllable marketing events (e.g. in-house trade fairs) as well as hybrid formats. The E3 Group is significantly expanding its digital range to incorporate these trends, which have seen a significant boost due to the pandemic. In recent months, the company has already implemented numerous virtual and hybrid formats for its customers and is investing in the development of digital and hybrid ranges.

In addition, the E3 Group is using its expertise to construct and organize large venues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, the company has been tasked with setting up vaccination centres, the first of which, spanning an area of 43,000 sq ft inside the Liederhalle in Stuttgart, Germany, was completed in December 2020.

In some regions, traditional live marketing and exhibition formats are already starting to be implemented again. This includes the US pavilion for Expo 2020 in Dubai (October 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022), which was constructed by the E3 subsidiary Electra and officially handed over to John Rakolta, the US ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, in November 2020. Over an area of almost 36,000 sq ft, visitors are taken on a 24-minute tour full of insights into US culture – all in line with modern hygiene principles. Through its work with Electra, the E3 Group is also planning to expand its services into Qatar and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

A new structure with a tighter focus on customer requirements

In the future, the E3 Group will divide its activities and create the “E3 Live Experience”, “E3 Live Performance”, and “E3 Live Events” segments. This will allow for an even stronger focus on customer requirements. As a full-service provider, the company offers both international trade fair concepts and its events with a high level of design expertise and a blend of innovative digital and hybrid solutions. The range of services includes both simple concepts that can be implemented in a quick, efficient, and scalable way in system construction, and bespoke, sophisticated solutions.

The E3 Group pools important core expertise such as creative concept, design and communication, project engineering, supply chain and logistics, which are essential for the implementation of concepts, into the “E3 Solutions” division. In addition, customers benefit from the extensive experience of E3’s subsidiary Electra, which acts as an implementation partner in cooperation with other agencies.

Expected market consolidation opens up further opportunities for E3 Group

Joern Trierweiler adds: “We expect significant market consolidation in the events and exhibition industry. Companies that are on a solid financial footing and that can adapt their structures will emerge stronger, once the market opens up again when these troubling times are over. After all, our business model is not in question: COVID-19 has presented challenges that will be resolved once the pandemic is under control. In this regard, we are confident that we will achieve renewed success in our traditional business areas in the future, i.e. when larger numbers of people are permitted to gather at events again. The new business approaches that we develop now will provide us with additional revenue sources that will enable us to be even more successful in the future than before.”

The E3 Group only recently completed a major capital increase through its shareholder Pemberton, back in May 2020, and is solidly financed. The management and the shareholders are united by a common goal – to develop the company further and maintain its successful growth. The growth strategy includes both organic growth and evaluating external growth opportunities in the form of cooperation and company acquisitions.