ITMA Barcelona

Sedo Treepoint

At EXCITE we are proud to have acquired an international company like Sedo Treepoint as a new client. As a specialist in trade fair construction, we work with the most diverse of disciplines and create an unforgettable brand image for our clients.

Manfred Kamphus, Head of Sales


Sedo Treepoint GmbH is a global company that developes integrated systems for use in textile finishing. The company has been developing and producing products that continually redefine the standard in the industry for 30 years.


Sedo wanted a clear, structured booth architecture with an optimal long-distance effect. The booth concept was to reflect the striking corporate logo with its high recognition factor as well as the corporate color and to create different areas for visiting and communication.


ITMA - the International Textile Machinery Exhibition - takes place at a different location in Europe every four years, this year being hosted by Barcelona. Exhibiting at this event is brand-defining and of great importance. EXCITE's focus for their client Sedo was on integrating high product quality. The booth concept offered a high degree of flexibility and made it possible to integrate new machines at any time.


The structured booth architecture was based on an optimal long-distance effect with the focus on a high-quality presentation of the individual business units. The interplay of comfortable and welcoming communication zones created a friendly atmosphere and rounded off the exhibition concept. The color and booth concept reflected the company logo and reinforced the overall appearance of the company.