ITMA Barcelona

Savio Macchine Tessili

We were inspired by how much consistency and impact our new client, Savio Group, was acting in this sphere. It's more than innovative machines: It's a process revolution. Getting that across is a task that is a perfect fit for us as a passionate team with a talent for advising clients.

Manfred Kamphus, Head of Sales


Founded in 1911 by Marcello Savio in northeastern Italy, today Savio operates worldwide in the manufacture and marketing of yarn finishing machines, with production facilities in Italy, the Czech Republic, China and India.


The international textile machinery fair ITMA has become the leading international trade fair in the industry in recent years. The Italian Savio Group is considered one of the most innovative players in this new world. A 10,225 square foot trade fair booth was put together for the group and its specialized brands, which include Mesdan and Loepfe. The key goal was to profile a holistic supplier with a superbly structured portfolio.


EXCITE set about rethinking the concept of brand building through architectural gestures. In addition to the actual, physical machinery, products and services had to be interlinked and conveyed by using high-quality materials and confident booth architecture to provide a two-story guide to substantive issues.


A flexible, two-story booth concept covering an area of 10,225 square feet provided comprehensive presentation of the Savio Group. Content-related topics were accompanied by high-quality materials and confident booth architecture.