ITB Berlin


Presenting different business areas under a strong and recognizable brand umbrella is a task that we often discuss with our clients, with extensive experience in finding solutions.

Uwe Geßner, Head of Project Management



Sabre is a highly innovative technology company that focuses on data-based processing for the travel industry. This makes Sabre an important interface for travel agencies, airlines and customers. The American company is headquartered in Dallas.


At ITB Berlin, Sabre showcased both of its two main areas of operations: businesses and technologies. These two areas each need to have a distinct image and reasoning – however, as a brand, Sabre needs to have a clear presence at both stands.


In a close, joint process, the needs of the business areas were analyzed in detail, along with their respective orientation towards target groups. The results were the basis for the stand design and the communication fixtures at both ITB exhibits.


The company colors were used in an eye-catching, powerful manner on both stands. Versatile and flexible communications zones, meanwhile, form the content centers. Both exhibits were individually and efficiently implemented with system elements.