IMEX Frankfurt

The Ritz Carlton

The strategic direction and goals of brands play a key role in our designs. They allow us to directly derive themes such as the choice of material and the general stand ambiance.

Manfred Kamphus, Head of Sales



Ritz Carlton is one of the most well-known luxury hotel brands in the world. The hotel chain’s history spans over 100 years, with the founding of the first hotel under that name in New York in 1911. Today, the group comprises 85 hotels, with 35,000 employees.


As a hotel brand, the business division of conferences and congresses also plays an important role for Ritz Carlton. In this area, the group is seeking to create a correspondingly high profile and transport its brand image.


The development and positioning for Ritz Carlton has been designed to last for three years, over which the presentation continues to be adapted to achieve the best effect. Close guidance has been provided on this development in intensive collaboration with the customer and its agency. Beginning in 2019, the overall approach will be expanded to its parent company, Marriott Hotels.


High-grade materials and a luxurious overall atmosphere characterized the brand’s presentation at IMEX, which is an important trade fair for conventions and congresses. Zones were created that invited visitors to a relaxed dialog and which featured communication highlighting the company’s global expertise.