Aluminium Düsseldorf


Scalable stand and design concepts are more important now than ever, even for smaller presentations. We bring extensive experience for that kind of work to the table.

Katharina Burghardt, EXCITE Project Manager



With operations around the world, Osborn is a specialist in surface processing and surface finishing. The wide product range, which includes rolls and brushes, offers solutions for a variety of industries. As a result, Osborn is represented at several major specialist trade shows.


Osborn has a very wide range of products with sometimes extremely large and heavy exhibits. At trade fairs, this requires the ability to present various products in an attractive and visually simple and flexible manner – without changing the brand appearance.


In order to understand Osborn’s requirements, we entered into precise discussions on the products and their requirements at trade fairs. In this process, the focus was on the creation of a recognizable but versatile stand.


Clear brand messaging and a versatile stage for the company’s various products are what shape Osborn’s basic stand concept. In parallel with this, communications walls have been designed to give a deep insight into individual product features and also to be able to include exhibits.