ITB Berlin


We don’t make things complicated when a straightforward solution gets the job done. Our expert advice takes that into account as well.

Jens Vollmer, Project Manager



Nuremberg Airport is one of Germany’s smaller regional airports – yet with a growth rate of over 20%, it is enjoying increasing acceptance and popularity. With this in mind, it is pursuing its goals by ensuring a regular presence at the leading tourism trade fair, ITB.


As an airport in the important and growing economic region of northern Bavaria, the brand is a central component of a dynamic infrastructure. It has effects on corporate clients and private customers. The increasing importance and strong performance need to be communicated passionately yet directly.


We have supported the Albrecht Dürer Nuremberg Airport for several years with regular appearances at ITB, the main travel fair in Berlin. We collaborate closely to regularly align status, strategy and goals and adapt the direct and economically efficient presentation accordingly.


Individual elements and efficient stand construction complement one another in this self-contained setting.