Fruit Logistica 2020, Berlin

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company

Shipping is an incredible source of inspiration for bringing MSC’s fruit logistics business to life in a trade fair booth with eye-catching features that include a towering ship’s bow, ship deck style flooring and shipping container modules. A visit to the booth is the first step on a maritime journey. Following our collaboration for transport logistic in 2019, we are delighted to be showcasing MSC again at Fruit Logistica 2020 in Berlin with a booth design from EXCITE.

Marcel Neumann, Executive Consultant


MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is a business with a global profile as one of the leading brands in shipping logistics. In addition to transporting a wide variety of goods on over 200 trade routes, MSC’s modern and green fleet of 520 vessels also handles fresh food items, including fruit – a field that requires special expertise and, increasingly, digital networking.


The trade fair specialists from EXCITE were tasked with highlighting the special logistics expertise in the global fruit market and closely linking it to the MSC brand. In addition to strategic and content-related objectives, the booth also sought to make MSC stand out from its competitors at Fruit Logistica, the leading trade fair for the global fresh produce trade, and to create a vivid profile of the brand’s capabilities and size. Key statements such as “You have the fruit, we have the experts” or “Caring for your fruit from pickup to delivery” represent self-assured messaging from a reliable partner that offers highly professional door-to-door service for fruit logistics.


At the center of the design were considerations of how to make a striking impression with an exhibit on fruit shipping logistics. Once the basic idea for the booth design of a ship’s bow came together, MSC and the EXCITE experts worked together to create the furniture used in the stand. These close exchanges also influenced the communicative aspects. Key strategic statements formed the basis of clear messaging in the booth’s multimedia modules.


The impression of a mighty ship’s bow quickly captivates visitors to the exhibition hall – and draws them to the booth. The imposing architecture paints a striking picture of the brand and its focus. The expansive structure stretches from one end of the booth to the other, creating a powerful external effect while also accentuating the sophisticated atmosphere of the two-story booth itself. Meanwhile, an LED wall measuring seven square meters contrasts with the ubiquitous brand colors, transporting the company’s key messages directly and confidently through the space.