Automatica Munich


With a collaboration spanning several years like ours with Minitec, we can support longer-term plans and strategic objectives on a continuous basis.

Uwe Geßner, Head of Project Management 



Minitec provides construction system solutions for a wide array of industrial uses. The company emphasizes a principle of offering simple and highly flexible applications that can be used internationally.


Automatica is a leading trade fair for smart automation and robots. In these surroundings, Minitec found a space to present innovative solutions from conveyor belts to protective systems. Minitec is seeking to position itself as a brand in a targeted manner and with a clear message, while also increasing the visibility of its components, solutions and service business areas.


The first presentation at Automatica made reference to the brand’s core message, “The Art of Simplicity”. This remains the basis for the joint planning of further exhibits, in which Minitec will present its expertise with different-sized stands and different exhibit focuses.


A flexible and efficient stand design is the basis for Minitec’s presentations. In addition to dialog areas, communication surfaces with screens show the diverse application opportunities for the company’s solutions.