transport logistic Munich


The stand must include innovation as a key aspect, combined with business growth and fully transparent supply chain.

Manfred Kamphus, Head of Sales


The logistics provider GEODIS is a leading supply-chain operator in Europe and around the world. It is part of SNCF Logistics, a division of the SNCF group. Five business divisions and a professional team, as well as solid infrastructure, processes and information systems, allow the company to globally optimize logistics chains, which are customized for every client.


Rather than simply connecting global logistics chains to future issues, GEODIS aimed to use various areas of the booth to offer a staged view of current options.


EXCITE took on the consultation, design und complete implementation of the dual appearance by GEODIS and SNCF at transport logistic in Munich. Integrated VR and AR technologies allowed GEODIS to actively integrate visitors into the booth experience and give them a tangible feel for logistics issues.


The GEODIS and SNCF exhibit was created on a 4,300 square foot surface with a modern booth design that incorporated innovative elements with the corporate colors, as well as media devices. The highlight of the booth was the sculpted "Experience Island" in each part of stand.