A+A Düsseldorf


The Enthusiasm Principle defines EXCITE. We’re delighted that we were able to use this approach to win over an exciting new client. Following their appearance at A+A Düsseldorf, the brand ATG – Intelligent Glove Solutions commented on our outstanding team effort and an attractive, effective exhibit. ATG creates and sells safety gloves and was able to make a winning impression at “the world’s biggest and most important event for safety and health at work” with genuine high-tech products. We were able to showcase the full range in an eye-grabbing display that was designed around the products’ intended uses.

Florian Kraus, Project Manager


The most perfectly designed tool a person has is their hands. ATG designs, develops and manufactures gloves to improve and protect their performance. Innovation and high quality are the key concepts, though the brand’s values also include sustainability and a spirit of partnership.


A+A Düsseldorf is the world’s most important trade fair for workplace health and safety. ATG is seeking to use this platform to gain prominence among leading specialists as an innovative brand with a global impact. It features a finely tuned product range with four categories and highlights such as gloves that keep hands dry and cool during demanding work, which helps to attract and impress new and existing customers.


Only by understanding ATG’s specific market were we able to create enthusiasm. In addition to discussions on content and strategy, we designed the trade fair booth and furniture in close collaboration with ATG. We even worked on CAD drawings together over Skype. We spent about one year on developing a trade fair design for international use before the first booth was built.


Gloves: you really have to try them on before you can truly understand their quality and benefits. This was the idea behind creating the fitting station in the 2500-square-feet booth, with gloves attached to security cords. This unusual format – along with a modern LED wall – ensured an eye-catching approach and a perfect opportunity for the sales staff to provide consultations. The resulting targeted conversations with potential clients could then be conducted in the individually constructed seating niches.