ITB Berlin


The hotel market has been changing drastically in recent years. Digitalization and formats that target specific audiences are two important issues here. The space we created for our long-time client, AccorHotels Asia-Pacific, addresses these issues.

Katharina Burghardt, Project Manager



Accor Hotels is a hotel group with more than 4,300 hotels in 100 countries around the world. The group is pursuing a strategy of using some 25 brands to reach out to different target groups, from luxury to economy, in a focused manner.


The goal of AccorHotels Asia-Pacific was to create an inviting space to position its hotel brand at ITB. The space was to be inviting, high-quality and open.


ITB is the world’s leading trade fair for tourism. Presenting there is a defining step for a brand and is highly relevant. For AccorHotels Asia-Pacific, we provided a wide array of services from the first consultation to the final product over a period of four months.


We carry out a design refresh for Accor each year. The presentation is prepared on a 900-ft2 area using an efficient modular construction with high-grade materials. We used vertical gardens to create attention and accessibility and to highlight the focus on sustainability.