EXCITE Europe shows how the textile industry of tomorrow works: With three productions at once at ITMA Barcelona


The international textile machinery trade fair, ITMA, has a noteworthy tradition and a special character. First off, the trade fair has been around since 1951 – becoming a world-leading trade fair in the years since. Also, the large exhibition takes place every four years in a different European city. This year, it’s Barcelona’s turn. And, as it should be in 2019, there’s much more to see than just machinery, with marked upheavals in the fashion industry – and the trade fair specialists from EXCITE Europe, who are staging these new developments with new trade fair concepts for three brands at the same time: Savio Group, Sedo and BMS. For the Italian Savio Group, the largest presentation is a demonstration of how significantly the textile industry has been changing. What’s it all about?

The fashion industry is undergoing a major upheaval. The times in which there was a Spring/Summer and a Fall/Winter collection are now in the distant past. Many brands and clothing retailers now offer new mini-collections, often in cycles of a few weeks. Production also needs to adapt to the new pace. “We were inspired by how consistently and radically our new client, Savio Group, was acting in this sphere. It’s more than innovative machines: It’s a process revolution. Getting that across is a task that is a perfect fit for us as a passionate team with a talent for advising clients”, said Manfred Kamphus, Head of Sales at EXCITE Europe. The industry is undergoing a considerable shift towards all-in-one clothing solutions, where design, development and production solutions are offered from a single source with a 360 degree service profile. These new processes embrace cutting-edge 4D technologies – for example in creating precise renderings of articles of clothing.

“We have an exciting story to tell here”, added Mr Kamphus, “as the blending of various production steps isn’t just a time-saving factor. It’s also about issues like sustainability, for example by saving on materials or shorter transportation routes. Both of our other clients, Sedo Treepoint and BMS, highlight these strategies as process optimization specialists”.

The Italian Savio Group stands out as one of the most innovative actors in this new world. A 10,225 square foot trade fair booth was put together for the group and its specialized brands, which include Mesdan and Loepge. The key goal was to profile a holistic supplier with a superbly structured portfolio. To this end, large media screens were made available for the company presentation. Meanwhile, the entire booth considered the various aims of the exhibition. In addition to the actual, physical machinery, products and services had to be interlinked and conveyed by using high-quality materials and confident booth architecture to provide a two-story guide to substantive issues. To do this, EXCITE Europe, which belongs to the Frankfurt-based E3 Group, fell back on constructions belonging to its sister company, ET Global.

The next ITMA will be held in 2023, in Milan. It will be exciting to see the innovations that will have been made reality in the textile sector by then. Fascinating new material developments such as fabrics with tiny cells in them have already been created. “We are excited to be able to work alongside such a market,” said Mr. Kamphus and continued: “our work doesn’t stop at a trade fair like this one. Rather, it is continually reflected with our clients on the basis of market studies and much more.”