EXCITE Europe continues to enjoy the fruits of collaboration with MSC: New trade fair booth at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin


Millions of tons of fruits are transported every year across the seas – and such large quantities call for an equally sound know-how of moving these delicate products from South America, Africa and Asia. After all, fruits are an extremely special cargo in many ways, primarily because of their delicateness but also due to harvest seasons, ripening processes and extremely diverse market demand – all of which play a very important role. Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is well equipped for meeting these special challenges and is therefore a major player in international food logistics. MSC transports cargo all across the world with 520 ships on 200 routes and thus covers all important trade channels. In its trade fair appearance at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin, in collaboration with trade fair specialists EXCITE, MSC focused on the transport of fruits.

“After our first collaboration with MSC in the leading trade fair for transport and logistics in Munich, we are now pleased to present the brand’s expertise in fruit logistics,” says Marcel Neumann, Executive Consultant with EXCITE Europe in Frankfurt. The innovative booth concept allowed MSC to stand out against approx. 3,200 other exhibitors: with what looked like a massive bow of a ship, designers gave the booth an impressive architectural touch which made the image and significance of the brand more conspicuous. This creative structure wrapped around the two-storied trade fair booth like a giant ribbon creates a harmonious interplay of visual impact in the hall and vibrant atmosphere at the stand. Key messages such as “You have the fruit, we have the experts” or “Caring for your fruit from pickup to delivery” were displayed on dynamically arranged multimedia elements. The huge LED wall stood tall at an impressive seven square meters and displayed information about MSC and its competencies in a boldly eye-catching way.

“The brand itself is the perfect inspiration for the design,” says Marcel Neumann, describing the use of timber flooring to appear like a ship’s deck along with container modules as another feature in the booth concept. The MSC brand color had been efficiently incorporated and extended throughout the two-storied trade fair booth. Charlotte Motz, Marketing Manager of MSC Germany, points out the significance of participating in the Fruit Logistica from the company’s perspective: “The overall theme of this trade fair gives us an opportunity to speak not only about our logistical expertise but also about our special understanding of fresh products and sustainability. These are the areas with the maximum scope of action and change. What we want to show here is that we have the expertise to respond, as we are involved in and spearhead these discussions.”

The results of such ideas and considerations are measured in distances and tons moved across the seas. Consumers are increasingly weighing purely logistical numbers against qualitative aspects. In supermarkets, the degree of freshness, the way in which products are presented and even transparency of the supply chain are becoming more and more important – an exciting development for the MSC shipping company, which is active in various digitization projects. No doubt, this implies interesting challenges for EXCITE Europe in the future – a company that implements such ideas in live marketing.


About MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A.

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is a leading international family-owned shipping company and operates a network of more than 493 subsidiaries in 155 countries. MSC has more than 70,000 highly motivated employees worldwide. In Germany, the company is represented by MSC Germany S.A. & Co. KG. Over 600 employees in nine different locations operate a worldwide network of transport by road, rail and sea in order to safely and reliably move products of all customers from point A to B.