EXCITE makes double appearance at Munich logistic trade fair:

GEODIS and SNCF focus on innovative strength and transparency


Manfred Kamphus, Head of Sales at EXCITE, paints an enthusiastic picture of the world of GEODIS, a new client: “Out there, people are talking about fixed flight routes for transport drones, augmented reality and robots in logistics warehouses, autonomous vehicles and real-time information in global supply chains with 5G – this is a highly exciting backdrop for the work we do.”

GEODIS, one of the world’s leading logistics companies, will make a double appearance alongside parent company SNCF at Munich’s leading transport logistic trade fair. Frankfurt-based EXCITE is in charge of consultancy, design and overall implementation. Nor has there been a shortage of topics. The logistics industry is not only in the thick of a digital transformation but also sees itself faced with new technological opportunities such as drones and 3D printing, to name just two.

Kamphus goes on to stress: “We very clearly formulated in our strategy and conception that a market leader of the caliber of GEODIS must demonstrate mastery over innovation as key aspect.” The actual concept for the stand also demonstrates, however, just how pertinent and attractive the thematic implementation of the innovation buzzword has been realized in the hands of the Frankfurt-based live-marketing experts. The reason is that high demands placed on optimization of global logistics chains are not only exemplified by more distant topics of the future but also offer a very exciting glimpse at present-day possibilities. Each area of the double stand features a sculpturally designed Experience Island complete with VR/AR applications, a touch table for interactive presentations and large-screen monitors for company presentations. Key topics such as productivity and cost efficiency, not to mention real-time transparency across the entire supply chain, are eye catchingly presented.

The relevant focus is centered on the individual optimization of the logistics chains, which GEODIS makes possible with its network in 120 countries.

A separate independent stand area provides the ideal conditions for those who either have questions or else are interested in dialoging with GEODIS to learn more. The center of the stand area consists of a long bar counter, where the focus is specifically on intensifying the dialog and where media displays are purposely dispensed with. VIP clients are directed one story higher. Here as well, the two-story stand design demarcates clear zones of distinction for the overall presentation, which is geared to various target groups.

Just how long will it take, we wonder, for the first ton of the 365,451 tons of airfreight GEODIS moves each year to be transported by drones? When will it be possible for the Company’s 6,078,810 m2 of storage space to be simulated by means of augmented reality? Although we will not yet be privy to any hard and fast answers at this year’s transport logistic trade fair, there’s one takeaway that visitors of both brands are sure to take from the double stand: the two presenting companies are destined to play a central role in shaping these visions.


GEODIS, one of the world’s leading European supply chain operators, is owned by SNCF Logistics, a division of the SNCF Group. GEODIS’ international reach includes a direct presence in 67 countries, with a network spanning the globe across 120 countries. Thanks to the five lines of business (Supply Chain Optimization, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express and Road Transport) and backed by a professional team, solid infrastructures, processes and information systems, GEODIS is able to optimize tailormade logistics chains for each and every client around the world. In Germany alone, the Company boasts 25 locations and 1,272 employees.